Things you never knew you did after drinking beer

Posted on 08 October 2016

There's no better buddy than an ice cold can of beer. And when you're with your best buddy, you do things that you'd never get away with elsewhere. Keeping that in mind, we realized its high time we came up with a beer blog to pay tribute to this long-standing friendship. So we thought we'd remind you of some of the things you probably did after a few too many beers. 

1. You made friends with complete strangers

Don't deny it, you've stumbled into too many loos, elevators and shared Ola rides, only to emerge with a new friend in tow. You bonded over the silliest things and felt you've made a new friend for life. That's one of the plus points of beer, it makes total strangers feel like long-lost soulmates. Although, does it count if you didn't remember the next morning?

2. You went on a binge eating spree

What is it about beer that gets your taste buds rollicking? We don't have the answer, but you'll agree if you recall running up an incredibly high bill in one night of binge eating. Certainly not one of the benefits of beer!

3. You sneaked some cutlery home

Vodka and rum are responsible for this one just as much! How many times have you felt incredibly courageous after a few drinks and decided to steal stuff? A couple of spoons, a shot glass or two, or perhaps the funky decorative item from your favorite bar. Unlike Ted Mosby, we just hope you've never gone as far as a blue French horn!

4. You argued and fought over stuff that doesn't matter

While we'd point out that our cool tees have pretty much the same effect, it is definitely a fact that beer seems to magnify your personality. And your opinions to match. The result? You end up arguing over anything from a political issue to the color of the napkin on the table.

5. Do stupid things to prove you aren't drunk

Recall that time when did an assignment, called your no-nonsense colleague or paid a bunch of bills when you were drunk? Just to prove to your buddies that you were totally sober! Maybe next time you'll just quietly accept you're drunk and end up with fewer regrets.

There's no doubt beer makes us do some incredibly dumb things. But they're worth it, because those are the things you look back on and laugh. If you've ever done any of these crazy things, or have an experience of your own, don't hold yourself back. Check out our collection of graphic tshirts devoted exclusively to your love of beer. Grab one of our snazzy beer tshirts or rum tshirts and tell us all about it on our Facebook or Twitter page.


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