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FUNZOA is a fun-filled music-based entertainment channel on Youtube for the youth of India. Loved by boys, girls, young women and men alike, FUNZOA MIMI TEDDY is a massively popular ‘furry' character of the channel that has captured the imagination of India. What started off as a hobby by her creator, the acclaimed Bollywood music composer, lyricist and singer KRSNA SOLO to share cool points-of-view about various contemporary and popular topics and happenings through witty songs, MIMI TEDDY became an instant hit with the youth of India and the Indian diaspora abroad. Her English songs also hold fandom beyond the Indian subcontinent. FUNZOA’s humorous everyday slice-of-life stories, events, experiences expressed through quirky songs and skits; reflects on human relationships in life - including love, family and friendships, thereby bringing big smiles and spreading happiness amongst people. FUNZOA literally is a huge stress-buster to the various drags and monotonies of life and living and that remains as the core philosophy for KRSNA SOLO as he conceptualizes its content. It is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive body of musical work, and at the current count of close to 300 musical song-videos, it has turned MIMI TEDDY which you would assume to be kid’s favorite to a veritable youth-icon.



About FUNZOA Merchandise 

MIMI and BOJO, the two FUNZOA TEDDYs who are in the thick of action with their amazingly funny interactions, have pretty contrasting styles to express themselves. Viewers wait to hear the next cool song from the super-confident, super-energetic, super-flamboyant MIMI and the next take from the down-to-earth, simple, honest and insightful remark from BOJO. Fans have supported MIMI TEDDY making bold statements through her songs as appreciate her cuteness and dry humour. Her followers love her for her to-the-point and in-your-face remarks, and take her sarcasm and taunts cheeringly. FUNZOA fans have kept on asking for more! To the extent that people have written back saying that they were extremely depressed, but watching MIMI TEDDY and listening to her song, has lifted up their spirits and got themselves back in a cheerful mood. Spreading laughter consistently and persistently over the last couple of years, the channel has crossed the milestone of 1 MILLION subscribers now on Youtube and as part of the celebrations, FUNZOANs will now get to buy FUNZOA merchandise online for the very first time!!! Based on fan feedback, FUNZOA TEDDYs will now help their fans to get cool FUNZOA T-shirts to begin with. Again as a first-of-its-kind, these are funny 'Teddy T-shirts’ and are well suited for usage in Indian weather conditions. Men’s T-shirts in India will now carry iconic phrases like ’Tu Online Hai … Main Bhi Online Hun’ and you will also get Women’s 3/4 sleeve T-shirts with the famous catchline ‘Google my Bulbul’. Girls can now also wear ‘Jaanu Recharge Kardo Pls’ upfront and send a quirky message to their friends. Going forward, you will find a continuous range of cool designs of FUNZOA tees for young adults and other interesting FUNZOA merchandise online by AMAZZY. Just like the FUNZOA TEDDYs, we believe that the Teddy T-shirts with the immensely popular and funny FUNZOA phrases and catchlines will be a massive hit as well. After all, the idea is to come out with FUNZOA merchandise online with cool designs that makes a statement not only about the wearer or user of the merchandise but also brings a smile to the faces of those who are around them.  


 AMAZZY Advantage for FUNZOANs

AMAZZY has been selling trendy t-shirts for Indian men and women online for some time now. AMAZZY is  extremely committed to quality specifications and body-fit and has spent a considerable amount of time in product development and refinement to meet the requirements of an 18-24 year old Indian consumer. After researching consumer expectations, fits and usage patterns of young men and women for men’s half sleeve t-shirts, women’s t-shirts, girls tops etc and refining the product construction, t-shirt stitching and printing technology, label-fitting, trend-spotting and designing processes and many other bits over more than 2 years, AMAZZY has developed significant capabilities to make the so-called cool t-shirts available for its customers at quick time. With the tie-up with FUNZOA, AMAZZY has increased its quotient of funny t-shirts and cool t-shirts for today’s youth and will deliver your favourite FUNZOA T-shirts right to your doorstep. AMAZZY brings to you trendy designs and with their FUNZOA COLLECTION, rest assured of having a cool basket of products to choose from. The funny teddy tees are just the beginning!

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