About Us


Everyone loves fashion and some of us help define it. At AMAZZY, we do both these things with an added twist – we look to everyday life for inspiration in creating trends that all young guys and girls out there will identify with. 

We began in Pune in 2014 as a small team of dreamers who believed that talent matters more than qualification. We saw fun ideas and epic designs in everything around us and decided to put the awesomeness of everyday humor on clothes for you to wear. Instead of going with market, we decided to do something unique with a different approach and create products for guys just like us. Now we’re trying to turn this idea into reality. 

At AMAZZY, we may not all be experts but we are all, without a doubt, young, energetic and passionate individuals under 30. From fabric selection and product format design to printing, packaging & doorstep delivery, we pay attention to every step of the process to create a product that aims to reflect the very essence of youth. That’s how the team at AMAZZY delivers quality products at affordable prices in the coolest format you can imagine. 


No matter what your mood, career path or relationship status, you’ll always find what you’re looking for at AMAZZY. Wear our fashion, live your dream and you’ll find that  “It’s simply AMAZZYing”.

Our Team

Narendra, Founder | Design, Web & Product

Pradeep, Co-Founder | Operations & Delivery

Ram, Co-Founder | Production & Finance

Manasi | Graphic & Catalogue Management

Dinesh |  Digital Marketing, SEO & Customer Relationship

Madhav | Printing

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