Earn with AMAZZY

 Upto Rs.500* per purchase
'Earn with AMAZZY'

About Amazzy

With large variety of Prints & product lineup, AMAZZY is trending day after day. With more than 500 designs in 2016 and counting every week, now we have added some of the most popular Iron man, Captain America, Spiderman characters to our product lineup. Along with this all we have long way to go & we want you to be with us in this journey.

How you can earn money

If you are a Student, Blogger, Photographer, Youtuber, Twitter Star, Instagram star or any other person doing job at MNC, you can earn simple money by joining  our 'Earn with AMAZZY' Program.  

Under 'Earn with AMAZZY' program, you will be given unique Promotional Code where you will give that code to your friends, family or your followers. When they make any purchase using your Promotional Code on Amazzy.com they'll get '10%' of discount and you get '11% to upto 13%' of commission on their purchase.  The more your friends, family or followers use your code & purchase, the more you earn.

You can share your code on whatsapp, facebook, twitter, your personal blog or any other social platform where you are connected with your friends or people & you will start earning money.

Anyone can make Money.


You can show our awesome stuff at our website to your friends and refer them to purchase using your Promotional Code.


 Promote your Promotional Code in your video and encourage your audience to our website.


You can share your Promo Code at your supercool facebook page, Instagram page or to your photographer community and let them know about our supercool products.


You can simply Promote our products on your blog and let your readers know our awesome stuff.
You can redirect them by embedding our link on your blog & redirect them to make a 

Corporate Employee  

You can let your colleagues buy our products using your Promotional Code.

You can also place bulk order to earn more.


Just share your code with anybody and you can earn money when they make a purchase.

It's that simple.


What kind of Code I will be getting ?
We will give you unique Promo Code, & customer can use that Promo Code to get discount. Your code may look like "AMZYrahul'.

How can I share my code ? 
You can share your promo code anywhere you want on Social Media, on personal friend groups, via whatsapp, chat, messenger. I.e where ever you want. 

How can I check my Program balance and other details ? 
As soon as you sign up for our referral program, our Executive  will call you & he will share 'Google Sheet's' data sheet with you, which will be liked with your registered Gmail account. There you can find details such as how many purchases has been done using your Promo Code, how much Commission you will be getting for those, your debits and credits information. 

 (We request you to sign-up using your Gmail email account only)

How much will I earn if I join 'Earn with AMAZZY' program ? 

By joining the 'Earn with AMAZZY' program, you will be earning commission in two slabs-

  1. For order value from Rs.500 to Rs.1200 – 11%
  2. For order value above Rs.1200 – 13%

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