Graphic Artist/Designer (Urgent Joining)             

Job overview

  • Make an Extraordinary Designs for our T-Shirts, boxers, Phone covers, Posters and Frames. Make various design concepts for various superhero Characters such as Spider-man, iron Man hulk and many more from Marvel universe. I.e. We need ninja skilled Graphic Artist who can make awesome designs.


  • Plan concept by studying information and materials.
  • Produce High quality, awesome, impressive and competitive kind of designs with high visual impact for our Superhero Characters.
  • Handle interns and encourage them to make something different and try to get different ideas every-time.
  • Working on model Photos, editing, retouching etc.
  • Designing web media for web, mobile and social media.
  • Designing infographics, illustrations and product graphics for Products.


  • Candidate with past relevant internships / work experience if any.
  • Ability to sketch, create caricatures, cartoons, typographical designs and more.
  • Experience in  using designing tools in Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw at its best level.
  • Extraordinary imagination to draw out ideas inspired by day to day life. (The most important skill we are looking at)
  • Candidate needs to understand that we're a startup hence, he/she needs to match the work speed and workload.
  • Additionally candidate will get a chance to learn & try bunch of new things & skills.

  • Job location: Pune
  • Job type: Full Time.
  • Salary: As per industry standards and according to the candidates working skills.
  • Job Position: Senior Graphic Designer/Artist.


A candidate who is creative enough to make awesome arts using references and various techniques and also   having best knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop.

Most importantly he/she should be ready to learn new things constantly.

Content Writer + SEO        

Job overview

  •   Work on writing awesome and quality SEO based Content for our products, collections and blogs. Find targeted keywords, trends and strategies to rank pages. i.e. Handle our on page content and maintain them to rank properly in google and other search engines.


  • Write Product descriptions.
  • Write collections descriptions.
  •  Optimize pages for search engine marketing using proper keywords. Perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimization.
  • Track, report, and analyze website analytics.
  • identify trends and demands in a market. Collect & analyze data etc.
  • Recommend changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors to improve SEO positions for target keywords.


  •   Intermediate level knowledge in SEO.
  • Proven content writing experience.
  • Understanding of writing attractive content using targeted keywords.
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints.


A candidate who is best at writing anything but in a very beautiful way, and has ability to find something new to write about various topics related to the idea given. Also has a bit of knowledge about SEO, how it works etc. 

and if he/she doesn't know it, then he/she should be ready to learn.


AMAZZY. We started this company with a simple idea. The idea which was already there in market. The idea which was not so innovative or extraordinary or was not solving any problem but, we decided to go ahead without a second thought just to make something remarkable which was already existed, but in a very unique way.

A simple thought to create some extraordinary, cool and quirky apparels came into mind when, our founder Narendra was in his final year of graduation. Soon leter he stated gathering information and started working on this idea. After many rejections, taunts and problems he managed to gather some simple but dedicated kind of people with him.

Today we're a team of not more that 5 people and handling multiple departments with solving every other problem getting into our paths on a daily basis. Now, we came this far and we still have long way to go. along with our recent collaboration with MARVEL brought and will be bringing some of the coolest superheroes on this planets. With more than 400+ Designs we are most probably 3rd or 4rth most popular fashion store in India, thats also in barely 1 year of timespan. Along with classy website more than 6 to 7 product lineups we are going ahead very confidently and we have so much work coming ahead. 

So, this time  We need some of the most dedicated, smart and a kind of candidates, looking towards solving every problem coming into their paths and move forward. 

Join our team and be a part of tomorrow's most popular fashion store in India.

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